This is why you need a network firewall?

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2023)

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A network firewall is a system that is able to stop unapproved accessibility from entering an exclusive network, It does that by filtering the system information that comes in from the net.

A network firewall obstructs unwanted website traffic and allows desired traffic through. The main purpose of a firewall is to produce a safety barricade between a private network and the general public net.

Why do wee need a network firewall?

On the web, there’s constantly going to be cyberpunks and malicious web traffic that may try to permeate right into an exclusive network. Those intruders will try anything to cause harm to your network. The network firewall is the major element on a network to prevent this.

Also, a strong firewall system is specifically vital to a huge organization that has a lot of computers and servers. Without It being strong, nothing in your network is safe. Malicious codes, for example, can completely hinder the operation in your organization.  That is why you need a firewall to secure them.

A computer or network firewall is no different from the one that is placed in your home or your organization. Same way, it is used to block fire in a house. Actually, this is what gave the concept. A firewall is there to protect a home, just like it is there to protect computer systems.

How does a firewall work?

It blocks intruders before any damage can be made.  In today’s state-of-the-art globe, a protection system is vital to every home user as well as organization.  It does not matter if you are a small organization or a big fortune 1000, you definitely need a firewall system.

The way the firewall works is by filtering the incoming network data and figuring out by its instructions to see if it should be allowed to enter a network or not. These rules are additionally called an accessibility control checklist sometimes. These rules are customizable well as are determined by the network manager.

The administrator chooses not only what can gain access into a network also what can go out of a network. These rules either enable or deny authorization. For instance, I have a firewall set up in my home network that allows certain computers to access certain parts of my network.

I have rules in place that have a list of IP addresses that are allowed and the ones that should be rejected. If an IP address is in the deny list, that computer will be automatically denied.

Firewalls do not simply make policies based on IP addresses, however, they can also make rules based upon domain, protocols, programs, ports, and keywords. You can set your rules so that computers are allowed to watch videos on port 4378, but not be able to browse files or print.

Types of Firewall system

Firewall systems are available in different types.

One type is called a host-based firewall, this is a software program firewall. This is the kind of firewall program that is installed on a computer and also it secures that computer only and nothing else. Windows 7 and later versions of Microsoft Windows offer a free version of Windows firewall.

software firewall

Additionally, third-party host-based firewall applications are available to purchase. Another sort of firewall is called a network-based firewall. A network-based firewall program is a combination of hardware and software, and also it operates at the network layer.

A host-based firewall is put in between a personal network and the public web.
Dissimilar from a host-based firewall where it just safeguards that computer system, a network-based firewall system safeguards the entire network. It also takes advantage of management policies that are put on the whole network to ensure that any kind of unsafe activity can be blocked before it gets to the computers.

Network-based firewalls can be a stand-alone product that is mostly used by large organizations. They can additionally be integrated as a part of a router which is what a great deal of smaller organizations relies upon. Nowadays, it is also common for large organizations to use cloud-based Network firewalls.

A network firewall

Many organizations will make use of both network-based as well as host-based of firewall programs. They will utilize a network-based firewall software to safeguard the whole network in its entirety and they will likewise use host-based firewalls for their specific security for their computers and servers.

This combination of firewall systems will assure maximum protection. Because if an intruder were to penetrate the network firewall, there is an additional host-based firewall to block it. The more modern technology advances, the more open we are.

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