Little by little, Laptops are turning into the main computer for some households. Because they are easy to move around, they are advantageous. Laptops nowadays are quick, powerful and buying a laptop as compared to a few years back is less costly. Because they are appealing, this makes the choice logical. However, a laptop is way complex and far less customizable when compared with desktops. If a desktop user needs to change a peripheral, the process is very easy. For a laptop, the choice is not as easy and costs much more. Laptop users have fewer options when it comes to upgrades. For these reasons, making the right choice the first time is ideal. You would not want to be displeased with a laptop that cannot upgrade in a few years. Here we will list where most people get it wrong in their searches for a perfect laptop. Also, the tips below will outline some great buys and some mistakes for you to avoid when buying a laptop.

Do not shop for the least price.

When it comes to buying a laptop, affordable prices should not be the main objective. It is clearly a wise move to seek for the most affordable deal, but bear in mind you need great options too. A cheaper laptop usually means more headaches in the future. If you have to choose between a lower core and a higher core, it is obvious that the lower core will cost less. So, if you choose for a lower core processor because of a cheaper price, you’ll definitely miss out execution power compared with a higher core system. The same goes when deciding between RAM and other components. The more RAM(Random Access Memory) a laptop has, the more space it has to store temporary data. Furthermore, you will face lesser performance because the system on your portable computer are going to be unable to handle several applications concurrently. So rather than settling for a low value laptop because of cheap prices, you should first decide the purpose of buying a laptop for yourself. Make a listing of options that you absolutely have to have for your portable computer, then compare with available options and decide.

Prettier does not mean better

Some buyers on the other hand usually pay a hefty price tag for the options they may not even use. For instance, the Apple MacBook models usually feature some pretty bells and whistles that are never used. These bells and whistles usual come with a steeper price. So, spend wisely and only pay for the things you really need.

Today’s need, tomorrow’s Debris

If anyone buys a portable computer solely based on his minimum needs, then the new laptop will probably last a short period of time. As your usage can increase, you’ll demand a lot of power from your portable computer, but it will still be a machine with minimum required hardware. And ultimately, you will have to consider getting a new laptop or adjust until you are in a position to buy one. As an example, going for the cheaper model which offers 2GB of RAM and only 256GB of hard drive storage would be the inexpensive choice, but in the long run, you will surely need more memory size than the existing one and you will have to compromise even if you don’t want to. Buying a laptop

The ports and compatibility

The ports that you will need is one of the most important decision to make when buying a laptop. Think about the number and the kind of ports you will really need for your everyday usage. If a portable computer lacks any of the desired port, then you will have to opt for additional adapters.

Do not fall for Pretty display

“All that shines is not gold”, is a saying that holds true when it comes to a laptop’s display options. Most people get captivated by the sparkly, glossy, ultra-reflective displays. However, shopping for a portable computer with a shiny show isn’t such a wise option. Such pretty screens come with heft price tags. In some Apple laptops, it can cost up to $1000 for every 1” of screen above the base model. Further, more money if you have to replace it one day. Instead, one should go for a laptop with a screen size that is needed. Also, some new buyers fall for the trap of resolutions. A laptop with a 4K display is not advantageous for everyone; however, graphic designers or intense gamer should surely consider higher screen resolution.

Buying extended warranties

The extended pledge is nice for those that tend to travel with their laptops and need accidental protection. Also, you need to protect that expense mac or IBM laptop you just purchased. I would stay away from the extended warranty gimmicks if the laptop is not an expensive one to replace. In reality, most of the laptops typically never face a real component default. The one time repair price is usually the same as that of the yearly warranty purchase.

Getting obsessed with a single specification

When shopping for a portable computer, one should avoid being a victim of tunnel vision. Focusing on a sole key feature of a laptop and ignoring other important factors is not a good idea For instance, avoid buying a laptop with the maximum gigabyte numbers and ignoring the processor and other hardware essentials.


A buyer does not have to be a rocket scientist to make a great buying decision. If you follow the procedures mentioned above, you will make a wise choice. So shop wisely and evade these mistakes. By doing so, you will be able to find a laptop that will suit your requirements perfectly. And eventually, you will appreciate work, entertainment, or whatever you plan to do with your new machine. Please Share TechPappy this blog post and techpappy!

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